Graduation, Luxury Accommodation and Archaeology on South Africa’s West Coast.

It is time to go North! Istene and Trent make their way from Pretoria to Cape Town to finally rejoin the rest of the team and start the epic journey to Namibia.

Once Istene and I split from Tom and Mike we flew back to Gauteng so I could graduate with my Masters in Archaeology. We whisped over, graduated, and got back on the road to reconnect with contacts we made on the top of Sani Pass in Lesotho.

Once we arrived back in George we went out for drinks and some acoustic music, slept and departed to continue our adventure down the West Coast. We arrived at Mossell Bay to meet De Waal at his magnificent Guest House (Point Village Guest House). He is an avid archaeology enthusiast who has a specific interest in Pinnical Point, which is a cave that is argued to have been pivotal to the survival of modern man during the glacial ages +/- 40 000 years ago.


We slept in the penthouse room of De Waal’s guest house and left the next day with a well formed picture of what occured at pinnical point and in the surrounding area of Mossell Bay.  Istent and I walked around and found a few caves with information detailing how ancient man exploited the shell fish resources of the Mossell Bay coastline. It was during this period that the rest of the world was plunged into an ice age that brought humanity (Homo Sapien Sapiens) close to extinction. Luckily the climate at Mossell Bay was pleasant and the natural resources plentiful creating a safe haven during an unforgiving period in humanity’s history.


Once we explored the caves surrounding Mossell Bay we took a 10 km bike ride to Pinnical point, an important archaeological site where research is still being conducted. Pinnical point is not yet a tourist site but more of an ongoing excavation through various institutions, by professors, doctors and students from around the world. I managed to sweet talk the guard at the entrance to the estate by explaining my profession (Archaeology). I do believe we were supposed to have a guide accompany us down, but being short on time and cash we slipped around the golf club house and down the 200 or so stairs into the famous cave.

After we got a good look at the cave and the coastline we hopped on our bikes to visit Hermanus to be booked into another upper class establishment, named “Strandlooper”. We were taken in by the fellow bikers we met up Sani Pass and made to feel right at home at their beautiful guest house located on the beach.

After spending two nights picking the owners mind of where to visit in Namibia we departed to reconnect with our other Nomads in Cape Town so we could eventually set off in the direction we were supposed to be going… North.




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