The Nomads’ Quest

The Nitty Gritty Nomads are a band of four adventurous, young, good looking Africa enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds. Our gang consists of myself Trent Barefoot Seiler: archaeologist/fisherman/mushroom hunter, Istene Rousseau: pilot/chef/yoga boss, Tom Da Silva: our dreaded Australian fire dancing adventure companion as well as our newest and last member Michael Watson: Motorcycle enthusiast/mechanic and adventurer. We will be leaving April 2017 for a year long pilgrimage through Africa, zig zagging across the continent interacting with locals to find the next location.


We are determined to find those roads less traveled, interact with people from diverse cultures while discovering and visiting their archaeological sites as well as uncovering their culinary secrets. We intend to hold meetings in local communities where we will teach the youth the importance of their wildlife and heritage as well as the current rate of poaching and the impact it is having on our larger mammal species like Rhino. Explaining the impact of human overpopulation and over reliance on natural resources while suggesting alternatives. Explaining concepts like renewable energy, global warming and animal extinction.


We will try to educate as many people as we can along the way, find the most beautiful locations, best people, most delicious cuisine and greatest fishing spots. Then compile it into this blog so that you can experience it with us or follow in our footsteps one day.

DSC_0271_LI (2)

We will be placing more content up shortly, bring you up to speed with bike preparations, rout planning, convenient travel and survival tips as well as awesome photography from our Auzzie counterpart. Finding inspiration while he fruit picks his way through the fertile fields of Eastern Australia.


Once we are on the road we will be taking a look at some of the prominent Archaeological sites like Great Zimbabwe (pictured above). We will also be searching for rock art all over sounthern Africa, documenting and discovering as we travel.