Bush Biking through the South of Namibia!

Once we had departed from the incredible Fish River Canyon we made our way to Keetmanshoop to restock for our travels westward. While travelling out of the Fish River Canyon we came upon this old lime oven used during the early 1900’s to provide the building industries of Swakopmund lime for the production of a mortar.



The desolate feel of Namibia’s southern areas is hard to recreate in southern Africa, this area is not as thoroughly explored by locals and tourists as the northern and coastal portions of the country. This means less tourists and more wilderness, there are dirt roads that criss cross this area to give you (generally) shorter alternatives to the next town. These dirt roads are what we spent the next 2 weeks working our way around the country.

On the way to Keetmanshoop we found water in the middle of the desert once again in the form of the Naute Resevoir. A body of water that is situated in the Kalahari in stark contrast to the surrounding desert landscape.

We slowly made our way across the desert stopping to camp in Aus. I tiny village, with a fuel pump, cheap stewing beef (possibly donkey) and very helpful people. We made our camp on a dirt road turning right at the church as you enter the town, where we found a dry river bed and ample firewood.

DSC_0096 - Copy

From Aus it is 125 km stretch directly through the desert diamond fields, which are restricted. On the way into Luderitz there is the famous ghost town of Kolmanskop. In Luderitz the wind howls, fish is cheep and buildings are German. But that will all have to wait until our next chat!


Trent Seiler &

The Nitty Gritty Nomads

Author: The nitty gritty nomads

4 motorcycles, zig zagging through Africa… set out on discovering the continents wondrous archaeology, local cooking secrets as well as educating and engaging with local communities. We will be travelling through 14 countries, including South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia, Tanzania, Rowanda, Burundi, Uganda, Kenya and then back through Madagascar.

One thought on “Bush Biking through the South of Namibia!”

  1. Great read Trent . Very well described .
    We are just back from a hike in the Fink River NT Aus . Also dry in an amazing gorge ( Ormiston ) Reputedly the oldest river on earth .
    Love your journey thanks for taking me along .


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