Motorcycle Journey: From the vast, dry Kalahari to the Lush Green Kalahari!

Speeding at a tremendous 90 kmph we made our way through the Kalahari towards Kakamas to visit an old farmer friend of mine. The most direct rout went through the bustling metropolis of Kliprand with its one petrol pump and shop with population just shy of 40 people. We spent the night and took on the extraordinarily straight road to Pofadder.

DSC_0369 - Copy - Copy

The corrugations on this dirt road caused my exhaust pipe to vibrate off. I realized this when my bike began to sound like a classic Uno Fire with a highly upgraded free flow from the depths of Brakpan. We stopped and found some spare nuts and bolted it back on so we could continue on wards.

Once we arrived at the beautiful Green Kalahari, a fascinating green oasis surrounding the orange river (in thousands of square kilometers of flat dry emptiness), we got right onto bike mechanics! We changed all our tires before our departure from South Africa into Namibia with its vast landscapes and famous dirt roads.

Once our bike mechanics and tire replacements were completed we decided it was time to see the local wine farms in the Kakamas area (grapes in the Kalahari…. What?). Thus we indulged in a wine tasting followed by a spot of donkey driving. DSC_0511_LI

Riding a donkey proved to be slightly more challenging than Mike and Tom anticipated, this, coupled with a very thorough wine tasting resulted in some comedic dismounts.

The following day we took a bike ride with two of the local bikers to Reimvasmaak a remote settlement surrounded by desert-mountain wilderness. We stopped at what looked to be the only shop at the settlement where we ate a hearty breakfast and drank coffee before heading on to the locally famous hot-springs.


The Reimvasmaak hot-springs are 60 km from Kakamas, north of Augrabie Falls, near the border of Namibia. They are surrounded by 80 meter-high granite cliffs, shading the small pools of warm water that bubble from the volcanic activity below the site.

Our ride back to Kakamas followed one of the most spectacular dirt roads of the trip, snaking around the undulating koppies until we emerged on the majestic Orange river once again, before hitting the tar back to Kakamas.

The next leg of our journey takes us into the depths of the Namibian wilderness where the petrol stations are rare, the landscapes unbelievably vast and the people few but amazingly hospitable.


Trent Seiler &

The Nitty Gritty Nomads





Author: The nitty gritty nomads

4 motorcycles, zig zagging through Africa… set out on discovering the continents wondrous archaeology, local cooking secrets as well as educating and engaging with local communities. We will be travelling through 14 countries, including South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia, Tanzania, Rowanda, Burundi, Uganda, Kenya and then back through Madagascar.

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